Angela Connolly

Election Day is right around the corner!

Elections are quickly approaching. General election day is November 6th. For information on dates, voting locations, and registering visit the Polk County website.


I am grateful for any contributions you make to my campaign. Thank you. Please donate HERE or send checks to:

Angela Connolly

4707 Beaver Avenue

Des Moines, IA 50310


Democracy is dependent on the engagement of the residents of our community. While you are electing me to represent your interests, your voice is equally important. Talk to your neighbors, friends and family about the issues that are important to you. Your help would be invaluable to me during my campaign. Call, email, or use the form on the page if you would like to help make phone calls, distribute yard signs or pass out fliers.

Voting Information

To learn where your voting precinct is, to register to vote or to request an absentee ballot please visit the Polk County Auditor website at

Absentee ballot: HERE

Yard Signs

To request campaign yard signs please call, email or use the form on the page. Thank you for your support.

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